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  1. Sort of in the title. Haven't had any issues for days, was working fine this morning, then 3 hours into my editing session I just stopped being able to cut my clips where I wanted. No matter the length or location, it will always take that length off of the back end of the song. Any idea what button I pushed to make it do this? I'm sure it's my fault and I hit a setting somewhere, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.
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    i'm getting old and my mind reading skills are fading... what editing program are you using?
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    Maybe the OP has their editor in shuffle/snap mode (where edits are like a vaccuum and the gaps are closed by snap moving everything earlier to fit). Diff apps call this by diff names.

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  4. Oh apparently Iím getting old too lol Iím using VSDC
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