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  1. Okay, so I wanted to test something out where I imported multiple files and overlaid the audio. I used DelayAudio as well. However that delayed the audio of the original clip. I thought I got the calculation correct by putting it to the right negative delay at the start, but the sync gets more and more off as the clip goes on:

    C6=C6.Trim(37400,37420).TimeStretch(tempo=96, rate=100, pitch=96, sequence=82, seekwindow=28, overlap=12, quickseek=false, aa=0)
    C17=C17.Trim(36977,36999).DelayAudio(1.4)TimeStret ch(tempo=96, rate=100, pitch=100, sequence=82, seekwindow=28, overlap=12, quickseek=false, aa=0)MixAudio(C17,1,1)
    C10=C10.Trim(3778,3796).DelayAudio(0.430).TimeStre tch(tempo=84, rate=96, pitch=105, sequence=25, seekwindow=28, overlap=12, quickseek=false, aa=0)
    C14=C14.Trim(27130,27141).DelayAudio(2.23)MixAudio (C6,1,1)
    C11=C11.Trim(47355,47385).DelayAudio(1.70).Resampl eAudio(48000, 1)
    All the delays add up to 5.76, so I thought I would have the negative value there. -11.52 seems to be the spot it lands on though, so doubled, but the sync doesn't stay for long. What could I be missing?
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