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  1. The file I'm trying to burn has three parts to it (three parts but one file). Is there any authoring software which will allow me to add chapters for ease of access as usual, and then also allow me to add another submenu, with links to the three parts of the file? We don't want to just have three different files on the disc. Recommendations appreciated, including free and professional software.

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    For DVD (& similarly for BD), you have "Titles" and "Chapters". Titles are individual elements (usually whole movies, up to 99) and may be one or more vob files (m2ts for BD), depending on size (vobs can only go up to 1gb each). Chapters are just markers within the titles and may be one or more (up to 99) per title - not per vob, and other than the beginning one may be arbitrarily anywhere within there.
    Proper dvd reading apps ignore vob segmenting and just look at titles and then the chapters within those titles.
    Btw, It is not uncommon for a whole season of episodes to be encoded as one title, using chapter marks to individualize the episode demarcation.
    There are only 1 type of chapter mark.

    Does that clear up the organization of it for you?