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  1. The file I'm trying to burn to DVD has three parts to it (three parts but one file). Is there any authoring software which will allow me to add chapters for ease of access as usual, and then also allow me to add another submenu, with links to the three parts of the file? We don't want to just have three different files on the DVD. Recommendations appreciated, including free and professional software.
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    A software called "GUIforDVDauthor" should be able to do what you wish and it's free, but can be a bit cubersome to use. DVDStyler seems to be more user friendly but personally I haven't used it. I would try DVDStyler frist, as suggested by videobruger.

    Personally I use and recommend DVDMaestro. Admittedly it is ancient, but works really well for doing advanced authoring once you know how to use it. I do not recommend it for the unexperienced user though, it has a steep learning curve and requires you to create all assets externally (menus, subpics/buttons).
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