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  1. Hi everyone!

    Has anyone an idea how to edit multiple videos at once?

    This is what I need: I work in an office and we daily make several videos. Since we are all in homeoffice now the videos are a bit too big (around 1.7gb - downloading takes some time). I need a program that edits them automatically with preset options so that I just upload the videos into the program, do some other work meanwhile and as soon the program has finished I have edited videos.

    Kind regards,

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  2. Thanks, I will have a look into it
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    What do you mean by edit?
    Add music? Titles? Cut boring gar-barge?
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  4. Hi!
    By edit I simply mean to reduce the size..
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  5. You are looking for a batch re-encoder that can handle your input files.

    You need to figure out what output codec and encoding preset you need, then choose a program which supports it.
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  6. Hi!
    I am a total noob at this.. Thanks for the info.. I just hoped to find an automated software to do this for me..
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  7. Originally Posted by fry3000fry View Post
    By edit I simply mean to reduce the size..
    That's not editing. It's (re)compression. ffmpeg with batch processing is perfect for that.
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  8. THX for your support!!! Greetings
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