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  1. Hi,

    I need help with removing vertical lines that appear in most of my dvd rips. I'm no expert when it comes to Avisynth, but I know my way somewhat around. I use Megui to write most my scripts. I'm not sure what these lines are technically called, but are common in most DVD video sources. I was wondering if someone can help point me in the right direction on how to get rid of these lines, and tell me what Avisynth filter can get rid of these vertical lines at the edge of these videos or be kind enough to provide me with a line script/code to use without hurting the overall details in the video too much.

    I apologize if this has been answered before!! I provided some screen shots from the video.

    Screen shots:

    Example 1:

    Example 2:
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  2. Anyone with suggestions? :/
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  3. share a small video if you need suggestions if you want to filter video.
    Images do not show anything about temporal characteristics.
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  4. Other options to cropping are are EdgeFixer, or blurring, or inpainting techniques

    But yes, a sample if you want more specific suggestions
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    Are the pictures from a direct sample from the original vob/mpeg?Nothing that's been re-encoded.
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  6. I also have a recording with such a similar line near the left side.

    [Attachment 57632 - Click to enlarge]
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