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  1. Folks, I live in an english speaking country but we just can't understand those UK accents. So I have to have subtitles. One of my favorite uploaders of great old Brit TV shows often has a subtitle track, but it appears to use a codec ID: txet. Nothing can read those and I can't seem to get ccextractor to get them either.

    Anybody have any insight on this at all? What the heck is TXET?

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  2. I finally solved this, if anyone is looking at a subtitle codec called TXET. It is not a subtitle track at all, although it looks like one to VLC. It's introduced by an application called VideoReDo TVSuite and what it's for is a mystery.

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  3. This is great. I'll try it!
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  4. It's tough being a newbie. I need some help with subtitles, or perhaps they are closed captions. I'm ripping a small part of my DVD collection and I would love to get the subtitles. On my test DVD, they are there, as VOBSUB. Handbrake (which I'm using) can find these and pass them through as S_SUBVOB. I see them as the third track TEXT with MediaInfo. The subtitles appear with VLC but not on a Sony TV. I'm doing something wrong, likely in Handbrake.

    Any suggestions?
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    tv's are the worst thing to try and play movie files with. they are years behind everything else. get a firestick, chromecast or other media player. tv's can usually only play low complexity mp4. and if they play subs at all they need to be in .srt format in a folder with the video file. named the same like video.mp4 and
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