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  1. Hello,
    When i capture video8 from capturing card through fast.forward SW. It gives me "file.dif". I want save this files on HDD, because signal on original tapes is getting worse by time. And i would like to cut some scenes from this files and save it again as "file.dif". But i can not find any SW which can do this.

    Could you please give me advise? Of cause, i do not want re-encode files so i am looking for a SW like ReDo do this with .mp4, or VirtualDub2 with .avi.

    Thank you.
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  2. I use Win7 or Win10. But XP i have too.
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    *.DIF is (should be) just an alternate label for *.DV, which is that container-less muxed stream straight from the cam. Just rename the extension (to *.DV).
    Lots of apps should accept this format, though still less than if it was in a multimedia container format.

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