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  1. I am completely new to this and have followed this blog to get started:

    The source video is a VHS of a cousin's birthday shot by a professional vendor, that I had captured via my VCR to PC set-up using OBS (if this is ultimately the issue, I can use whatever the recommended capturing software is)

    This video however becomes "wavy" (or what I think is called combing) when there is motion after running QTGMC script - reference images in this link:

    The top image is the interlaced original and the bottom image is the wavy QTGMC output

    Below is my current script:
    SetFilterMTMode ("QTGMC", 2)
    FFMPEGSource2("First Birthday 98.mp4", atrack=1)
    QTGMC(preset="Slower", EdiThreads=3)

    I have tried AssumeTFF() as well as commenting out the resize/sharpening function but I still get the wavy output

    Is there anything I can modify, or should I use an alternate deinterlacer
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    OBS is NOT suggested capture software. What capture device do you have ? Better to use virtualdub and capture lossless lagarith or huffyuv. Even the software that would come with the device would give better results that OBS and NEVER capture as mp4 - there are already combing artifacts in your original.
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  3. Those artifacts are from being vertically resized before deinterlacing.
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  4. @DB83 - thanks for your advice - recapturing via virtualdub and then running QTGMC fixed the issue
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