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  1. Does anyone have Replay Media Catcher 7? when i click on a video url and paste it in then click on a webpage/ then click download again it puts the url of the webpage etc so the could bw what it tries to download
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    Not sure what you are asking but what is BW and what is your question. Does it download? I have been a long time user of Replay Media catcher since around version 4 and Most videos automatically download when they open in your browser but some hang or give an error. Many time you can force them to download by using the method you describe but some will still refuse to download because of file size (set in options), bad site, even your anti-virus.

    Sometimes you can complete stubborn downloads by switching to Network Monitor instead of Wincap Monitor in your settings if they are installed. Your link above is to am empty thread so not sure again what you mean.
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