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    Returned to school after many, er many more years.
    Need to do a special interest project. Mines a brand new film scanner with no hard film moving. I.e. no sprockets or claws.

    Wanting the wishlist of those needing a machine better than the "wolverine" & clones.

    Ideally it'd be cheap enough that someone could do a business on conversions. Right now the options are wolverine($400, pro),$8500), or DigiCine($75k). I'm hoping there's a demand for between the two lowest options & full control. And possibly a "plug-in" community in exchange for machines.

    Likely to be a kit and software for "early adopters" then leading into a plug & play solution with an install cd like everything else.
    And yes I'm looking at ALL systems, PC, Linux & Mac, with potential for raspberry pi, tablets & phones even. Repairable, modular, metal & hackable are my go to goals.

    Now is your chance to ask any and all questions. I'm doing this in class as a "hypothetical", but also actually building the real prototype right now.

    Obviously anyone wanting to help is welcome & would get penultimate early access.
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    I've had a sprocketless design in the past few years as I was thinking about making one for my own use, it uses 4 sets of square rubber bands/belts two on each face of the film that pulls it gently at the edges without touching the image area, A single line RGB scanner scans the film as it moves line by line in high resolution. I didn't have a problem with the mechanical design but I had problems choosing an imaging sensor and driving it, My design works with all film formats up to 35mm by just changing the distance between the rubber belts to be at the edges of the film with a knob and capable of reading all audio formats magnetic and optical, Since then I lost interest in it, If you are good in electronics I can help.
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