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  1. Hello all.

    I am looking for the BEST PCI BUS solution to accomplish the task I have at hand. That task being the RELIABLE recording of a TON of closed caption information from COMPOSITE VIDEO in RAW format to a binary file via GRAPHS for later parsing by CCExtractor. I need the card to have a proven track record of being able to perform this function as that is ALL it will be doing and it will be doing a LOT of it back to back.

    Card Criteria;
    * I need the card to be PCI bus based ONLY - no usb devices, or PCI-E etc...
    * Needs to have a RCA video input or at least a breakout box that provides RCA connectivity
    * doesn't have to be in production (it probably wont be anyway given my set of requirements)
    * preferably a card that has ONBOARD CC decoding that can be routed via GRAPH to a binary file via a dump.filter
    * it MUST be RELIABLE in the fact that it can do the task all day long and do it accurately
    * needs to have drivers that are still available

    I have heard that BT878 cards (i.e. Conexant chipsets) have this capability, but have no first hand knowledge as to which ones are BEST for this application. Which is why I am asking the experts for your first hand knowledge of these devices... All suggestions fitting the criteria above are welcome.

    Thank you all very much in ADVANCE!
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