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  1. Anyone have some recommendations on where to send two Sony HVR-M15au?

    I recently bought two off ebay and I was slightly disappointed on how bad they were maintained. I know I should know better. But on one the rewind/fast forward becomes dislodged when winding very quickly (so now I have an external rewinder from JVC) and the other just has many glitches on almost every tape, regardless of camcorder. It plays well on the other M15au. I've cleaned the heads manually with alcohol and lint free cloths, but still not up to my standards.

    Does Sony still repair/maintain these? Or is there a place people usually send their decks for maintenance? Thanks!
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  2. Do you actually use the HDV and 720 features of this deck? I recall our conversation about it but forget the details. I can't believe the prices on these things. For normal SD miniDV tapes the much cheaper and common DSR25 and DSR45 is the way to go.

    Don't know of anyone repairing these.
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