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    ive done loads of vhs to pc passing through the canon HV30 with an rca x 3 to mini jack plug stuck in the av input
    and a firewire from camcorder to pc with generally no problems.

    NOT recording onto the camcorder just letting it pass through.

    BUT i have a problem with one old vhs tape.

    if i play the video onto a telly, footage is fine but a tiny little bit scruffy now and then. but it stays in full colour. if i capture using a chinese avi to usb the colour stays fine but the picture is too degraded for my liking.

    however if i plug vcr into the hv30 the picture on the view screen and passed through to pc keeps going to black and white if it gets any kind of tape anomaly.
    decent tapes work perfect. its just one or two tapes that are a bit tatty that keep doing this momentary black and white then back to colour thing

    every 3 or 4 seconds or gaps of up to 10 seconds.

    is there a fix?

    vcr heads are clean and like i say with good tapes this doesnt happen. ive tried tracking but that doesnt work.

    its sods law because the one tape that does this has some footage i really want saving in as good a quality as possible.

    the vcr im using now is a panasonic NV-HS830.
    the tapes were recorded using a fancy nicam panasonic vcr 25 years ago that sadly died.

    its only the hv30 that is putting black and white sections into the footage that sadly gets passed on to the pc.

    like i said using the same rca output on the vcr and with a chinese grabber there is no colour loss but not defined enough.

    is this a thing with the hv30 and poor tapes?
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    When you use the chinese A/V to USB capture device what do you not like about the picture? can you post a sample? Most likely you are using the device's app and it's compressing to mp4 on the fly, Have you tried a third party app like AmarecTV to capture lossless AVI?
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    thanks for reply
    ive done that many things i am starting to forget

    ive used virtualdub2 and it simply fuzzies up the image. like a bit more grain and less sharper.

    in virtualdub2 there is no way to select a custom format or do anything other than what the grabber wants.
    ie same resolutions as using the device's app.

    id love to post a sample but its a home made porno from the early 90's

    ive just compared two video clips side by side played on vlc and the av to usb clip has less colour and is slightly grainier.
    its not as big a difference as i thought. but when the cam pass through video flicks to black and white the usb converted vid goes momentarily haywire with purple and green lines.
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