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  1. I have a PN50 mini pc with Ryzen 4300U chipset / Radeon Vega 7 GPU with Windows.
    Most videos play well, however, 4k content is rather hit-or-miss.
    I'm trying to play such high-def videos in VLC, as MPC-BE/madvr and mpv both seem to be slower in performance with any settings.

    4k videos up to 25Mb/s play ok-ish, but higher quality 50Mb/s videos (eg. see ~20ms latency according to VLC messages window.
    4k/60fps videos in Youtube are butter smooth, but that is because of very efficient VP9 encoding.

    Is it performance-wise possible to play these videos with this setup with some other player or settings?
    Or is there a nice/fast way to "transcode" or convert these files for better performance? (without sacrificing too much of quality)
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  2. 1) What type of 4K content is it (8bit avc or HDR10 hevc) ?
    2) Are you using hw-accelerated decoding ?
    3) Are you are displaying to a 4K screen (no resize) ? SDR or HDR Screen ?

    How the video player is configured can have a big impact on performance.
    With mpc-be try changing changing the renderer to a more efficient option such as mpc-vr and restart (you might also try evr-cp).
    mpv has a lot of config options, some options will slow down performance with little/no benefit. A custom configuration is likely required to optimize performance.
    You would need to find out where the performance bottlenecks are (gpu, cpu ?) and which options are causing them.
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  3. 1. HDR10 hewc
    2. Yes I think so.. I mean vlc/madvr/lav should do this automatically?
    3. yes, native 4k, HDR

    I'm now back at experimenting with MPC-BE - turns out I didn't touch the LAV settings (double click in MPC-BE filter list, no indicator you could do this..)
    I disabled all MPC internal encoders, and switched to EVR-CP improved things considerably. LAV setting of D3D11 and DXVA2 seemingly have the same performance.

    What is strange that Active decoder/hw accelerator seems always inactive/none. But this is the same case with my other PC with GF1080. Is this normal?
    In LG Daylight demo (4K HDR 60fps HEVC) I can see now ~28 fps... Wondering if this is the max the GPU can do, or some other settings could tweak this.

    I'd love to try mpv as well but there are huge amount of settings with no indicator what affects performance or how... I wish some "best performance"/"lowest quality" setting would exist in some player that would show me what the baseline, best performance of this GPU is.

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  4. CTRL-J for stats in mpc.
    You can see the mediainfo information about the file in File > properties.

    The source is HDR 10bit PQ and it is being auto-converted to SDR-8 bit in mpc-be (using internal shaders).
    If your monitor is HDR capable doing HDR passthru in 10bit would be preferable.

    Your integrated GPU is maxed out. Is HW accelerated decoding working for this clip ? In MPC-BE, check if there is a HW icon next to the volume.
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  5. Thanks for the HDR tip, otherwise the performance is the same.
    I also tried with the default MPC settings, same results. Yes, decoding is HW accelerated.
    Given that this is an onboard GPU, and these 4k60fps demo files have huge bitrate (55-65Mb/s) I think this is the hardware limit. Maybe also because the chipset only has 512 VRAM.
    Since common video files have much lower bitrate, I think it's okay for a few years still.
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  6. I think I found the answer (for my setup at least).

    MPV is by far the most efficient method, with this config settings, I was able to achieve 50fps with the video mentioned above (7-12 dropped frame/s). I think this is really the limit for this APU.

    d3d11va-zero-copy = yes
    hdr-compute-peak = no
    hwdec = yes
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