I am using a Nikon DSLR to digitize some photo negatives. I am using the A/V out on the camera and running it to a flat screen TV. When I put the camera in Live Mode, I can see thru-the-lens nice and big on the TV and use this to help me manually focus the lens so the negative is sharp.

I want a way to invert the image coming from the camera - turning it into a negative - so that I can more or less see the images as positives on the TV. I know about 25 years ago I had some cheap little TV effects box that had inputs on one side and outputs on the other, and you could choose from about 7 built in video effects, one of which was "negative." But I can't remember who made it (thinking Archer/Radio Shack) and I can't find anything like it now.

There is one Ambico effects mixer out there that supposedly can do it, but it's a bit pricey and overkill for my simple needs. I thought some of the Sony camcorders would work, because they have a "negative art" effect built in, but they can only do analog-to-firewire output. I know there are even some monitors out there that have a "negative mode" switch, if I could find one. But 99% of my search efforts just lead me to software solutions, which I don't want. I need a real-time analog to analog pass-through solution, or a monitor that can do it.

Anyone have any ideas? Suggestions are much appreciated.