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  1. I need to buy four USB mics that sound half decent, for spoken word by a single voice.

    These will be for my undergraduate students stuck at home away from the studio, to be able to record spoken voice, at home, for submission.

    It needs to be decent quality, my budget will be around £40 per mic, I need four mics

    They will be using Audacity on a windows or mac laptop, so plug and play is essential for them.

    Please feel free to post me some links of anything you think might be worth a look.

    I need to buy them this weekend - early next week.

    Very many thanks
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    good usb mics start ~ $200. but the blue snowball ice is ok at ~ $50 usd.
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    Samson GoMic. Usb. Adjustable pickup pattern, w optional -10dB pad. Usually $40USD. One of the best bargains out there. Quite decent quality for that price. I use them in >100 conference & classrooms.

    But as usual, it's down to distance - you don't want to be too far away to any of these, even directed AI arrays. For individual students should be great, though if there isn't an issue w visibility, headset & lavalier mics would be better (again, closer is almost always better).

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  4. Originally Posted by aedipuss View Post
    good usb mics start ~ $200. but the blue snowball ice is ok at ~ $50 usd.
    I agree with the Snowball. Good all-round budget USB mic.
    I have the Yeti and the Snowball and they're both quite serviceable for basic recording.
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  5. cheers for the suggestions, these will be used close up by individual students simply reading some lines that need to be assessed.

    I've heard speak of the snowball before, so will will go have a you tube and also check out the Yeti and Samson.

    I clearly need to up my budget to more like £100 so I have to compromise and buy two at £100 or four at £50-£60

    The snowball sounds alright, I had a listen at youtube, a nice Rode usb also popped up on my you might like.
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  6. Thanks leoleo.
    I have decided on four snowball mics. £50 each (or thereabouts)
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