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  1. Haven't used any video editing software in years so forgive what is probably a very stupid problem ! Just starting to use VSDC editor , but can't seem to create the final disk.
    I imported some old videos , created project and edited/reviewed. Then Exported project in DVD format. Finally used Disk Burner to create DVD I hoped to use on my player.
    Burn process ran seemingly fine and gave message that Burning had completed successfully and drive opened. I closed drive and opened Windows Explorer expecting to find .vob files etc on disk. Instead all I see is a message saying 'Files ready to be writtento Disk (1)'. Tried right click in empty area ans selected Burn to Disk but got message 'No files staged to burn. Please add the files that you want to burn to this disk then try burning again' ? (Windows Temporary Burn Folder is empty btw).
    Can anyone please tell me what I've done wrong ?? Thanks
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    try using imgburn to write the dvdr. if the program created files you should have a VIDEO_TS folder and a AUDIO_TS folder you can drag into imgburn.
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  3. Thanks for tip. This has at least pointed at the real problem ! Using Imgburn and a copy of my exported file on my wife's laptop all worked fine. On mine Imgburn errors with 'Verify failed. Reason - Layouts do not match'. Also try a simple cut/paste to the drive that failed. So issue is either hardware or driver related - and not a problem with VSDC. Interestingly VSDC says evrything worked fine - just no file(s) created on disk. Tried deleting device and rebooting, but same problem - so driver probably OK. Left with a hardware fault I guess..........
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