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  1. I have a IDX file that contains the following:

    size: 720x576
    org: 110, 0
    scale: 70%, 100%
    When I play the video with MPC-HC with the subtitle as an external file, the placement is exactly as I want it. However, when I mux the subtitle in the video (MKVMerge), the offset is ignored and the subtitle is placed at (0,0). If I demux the subtitle I can confirm that the IDX file was not edited. I could not find any option with MKVMerge that would pertain to this behavior, so what gives?

    Unfortunately I have to make this work, the video is anamorphic 16:9 and without the downscaling the text is stretched very unpleasantly. I'd rather not have to OCR the subtitle either as this process requires a lot of proof-reading...
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    MAYBE the problem is in LAV Splitter or/and in the Internal Subtitle Renderer of MPC-HC...

    does the problem still happen if/when you use VSFilter

    P.S.: Also,

    the video is anamorphic 16:9
    Have you set the correct aspect ratio in MKVmerge's GUI

    OR configured LAV Splitter /Video_Decoder "properly"
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  3. Hmm you're right the problem is not exhibited with a different subtitle renderer (tried to play the video in Kodi). It doesn't look like I can get it to work with the Internal Renderer of MPC-HC, which is gonna be a problem in my case. Any idea? (short of converting the IDX/SUB to SUP perhaps)
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