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  1. Hi.

    I read that hvec(x265) codec can give the same quality
    video compare to avc(x264)codec,while using 40%-50% less
    bitrate for second(smaller file size).
    So,if i would like to convert a video file with x265 codec to x264 codec
    and i would like to save the quality(or minimize the loss),should i double the bitrate/sec while i make the conversion to x264?

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  2. For a good x264 quality encode with CRF range 18-21. The bitrate is determined by the encoder.
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  3. Thanks,ProWo.
    Yes,i am familiar with the CRF option,
    But what if the software doesn't have the CRF parameter option?
    and there is only the option to choose bitrate/sec value,
    should i double the bitrate value?maybe triple it?when i convert x265
    to x264?
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  4. Use my clever Ffmpeg-GUI. It has the CRF Setting for the h264 encoder.
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  5. Thanks ProWo for your software
    link and for your help.
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