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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have couple of Children's DVD here at home (Learn to Count, Colors, etc) I would like to rip. I assume, that if I want to have the "Loseless" format, all I have to do is the copy the .vob file from the DVD to my hard-disk (and can get ride of the DVD if I want). But if I want a lossy format, It looks like it possible to do it directly with FFMPEG by referencing the .vob file. I used FFMPEG in the past to convert VHS HuffYuv captures into Lossy format using this command:

    ffmpeg64 -i "E:\test\test.avs" -c:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 18 -pix_fmt yuv420p -vf setsar=12/11 -c:a libfdk_aac "results.mp4"
    So obviously, the source is going to be vob files instead of AviSynth script. But what about the rest? Couple of questions:

    1. Preset slow and crf 18 sounds a bit like over-kill for a Children's DVD. What would be a saner option?

    2. I assume, I don't have to state YUV 420 because unlike the VHS capture I captured at 422, DVDs are at 420 by default?

    3. what about setsar? I'm using is to have an proper aspect ratio when the TV scale it up. But 12/11 is for PAL capture (576x720). Do I even need to set it on DVD content?

    4. Is there any other DVD specific options I should be aware of and state to FFMPEG when handling DVD?

    5. The DVD disk I was checking was interlaced. Are all DVDs interlaced? or some are progressive? Will interlaced content will benefit from de-interlacing with QTGMC (and in that case, I assume I will need to write AviSynch script that loads the VOB file).

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  2. Are the DVD's copy protected? If not, you can rip any movie frome the dvd with clever Ffmpeg-GUI, in original quality without any quality loss.
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  3. I'm not sure if it's Copy protected. I can play the Vob files, so I assume no? also - isn't the Vob files already a loseless format? why do I need to convert it into mkv?
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  4. Originally Posted by Okiba View Post
    I'm not sure if it's Copy protected. I can play the Vob files, so I assume no? also - isn't the Vob files already a loseless format? why do I need to convert it into mkv?
    The Vob files are encoded with mpeg2 codec, a lossy format, but you can't increase quality with reencoding with a lossless codec. The maximum you can reach is mantain the original quality. You can rip the vob and leave it as vob or remux it to mp4 or mkv, all without quality loss.
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  5. Hi again ProWo, thanks for the help.

    Right, I'm sorry. In my mind the Vob file was "Loseless", because that's the best version I own. But your of-course right, I assume DVD never really coming in any Loseless format (unless perhaps it's a very short DVD?).

    What do you mean by "Rip"? Isn't it just a matter of copying the file from the DVD into the hard-drive? a normal system copy? or "Rip" does more then just that? I will check clever Ffmpeg-GUI. See what kind of parameters it using for 1:1 vob to mp4. But on this specific case, I see no reason to have a "learn the ABC" 30 minutes video at 3.5G. I wouldn't mind saving the DVD, and only keep a lossy format on the side.

    Question is - can I do it with the parameters above? or re-encoding lossy into lossy is really a bad idea?

    By the way, I have completely missed the "Video Conversion" section of the forum. This is probably belongs there. So if an Admin can remove it - it can be great, or I can close/re-open over there.
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  6. If you want mantain the whole menus and trailers etc then just copy the VIDEO_TS folder to your HDD. A good player is then able to play your full DVD.
    Otherwise you could rip the full movies to single Vob files. (1 vob per movie).
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  7. Oh I see now. A single DVD might have multiple Vob files. I see, thank you ProWo! Will move the Lossy re-encoding question into video conversion.
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  8. If the video is not very short, it is split into 2 or more VOB files. In that case, I recommend to join them into one VOB file, before sending it to ffmpeg.

    CRF 18 in x264 will make the visual quality indistinguishable from that of the source DVD. CRF 24 results in lower visual quality than that of the source video, but is the lowest CRF value that doesn't cause visible quality degradation. CRF 26 will generate noticeable video artifacts.

    You can check with dgindex or mediainfo if the VOB is interlaced or progressive. Content will benefit from deinterlacing only if you use a high quality deinterlacer, like qtgmc with preset "slower". Presets faster than "slow" will result in low quality deinterlacing.

    If you don't want to reduce file size, and you want make a lossless copy that can be played with players that cannot play DVDs, then you can copy video and audio from VOB to MKV, without transcoding.

    If you want to reduce file size as much as possible, you can switch from libx264 to libx265, but older devices will not decode it.
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