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  1. Anyone have the part number of the pinch roller for a JVC HR-S7900U?

    Looking to replace mine, but the service manual PDF I have does not list part numbers for this stuff, only has electronics diagrams and such.

    I ordered SMC Electronics #VCRPR05 ( but turned out the size was wrong. Too tall and wide.

    Additionally, if anyone has any tips or tricks (or video) of common replacement on these, would be great! Most videos I can find are for audio decks, not a lot of VCR repair documented out there.

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  2. Might get some help from these recent threads:

    In addition, if you go to sites which specialize in rebuild, repair, and restoration, you will find links to sites which rebuild these rollers. You send them your part, and they add rubber to the old core and then turn it on a lathe to the exact dimension required. I asked a similar question about an idler wheel over in the site and got several recommendations:
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    Just make sure you get the same diameter, Almost all VHS pinch rollers have the same design, A center plastic sleeve holds a hollow roller on a stainless steel shaft:
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  4. Thank you. I'll check out all of those links.
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