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    Hi,how you all doing.

    Im new here so first post incoming.... So I will try my best to explain what i'm after.

    So i've a slide show of pictures all put together on the VSDC editing software(no sound or audio). Picture's of a car restoration I'm doing.

    I would like to have a small video in the corner, Me talking to a camera as the slideshow is scrolling through the pictures. That way I can be explaining what Im doing in the pictures, when they where taken etc etc. Gamer do it alot during live play.

    Im assuming there is a way in the software that i can play the slide show and have my external camera recording me as i talk through the slide.

    Below I have attached a small example of what I mean.

    [Attachment 57348 - Click to enlarge]
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    Yes, it is indeed called "picture in picture. You need to first film your video that will appear in the smaller picture. Go and set that up and talk "narrate" through the slide show as it plays (off camera). Then when you have that perfect narration video, you'll be ready for the next step.
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