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    I've never used double disc or more than one disc Blu-rays before so this is my first time. I extracted each disc separately using eac3to then muxed them separately (like i mad 2 mkv one is from disc 1 and another from disc 2). After muxing them i agained tried muxing them together using MKVToolnix after adding the 1st mkv i chose the option "Append Files' and selected the 2nd MKV. But I'm getting a warning while doing this. I tried this for the same movie from another Blu-ray before. I thought it was that Blu-rays problem but im facing the same issue with the present Blu-ray too.

    --- Warnings emitted by job 'Multiplexing to file "DISC 1 and 2.mkv" in directory "D:\Ongoing Encode\DISC 1"' started on 2021-02-12 13:37:18 +06:00 ---
    The track number 0 from the file 'D:\Ongoing Encode\DISC 2\DISC 2.mkv' can probably not be appended correctly to the track number 0 from the file 'D:\Ongoing Encode\DISC 1\DISC 1.mkv': The codec's private data does not match. Both have the same length (69) but different content. Please make sure that the resulting file plays correctly the whole time. The author of this program will probably not give support for playback issues with the resulting file.

    The track 0 is the H.264 video file so my question is this okay or will I face any problem for this?
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    I would not know exactly what the error would mean with "unmatching private data" and "different content". Can be different framerates, sources, codecs, settings.
    Can you post MediaInfo data of the sourcefiles?

    Of course you can try if the resulting mkv will just play fine anyways.
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