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  1. Hi!
    I've been looking for a good way to upscale DVD/VHS, well... anything pre-HD really, and then capturing it to my computer. Does anyone have any tips?

    I own a Framemeister, which is more known for upscaling retro game consoles, but of course it works for video as well.
    I figure that the Framemeister will do a hell of a better job upscaling to HD than a simple DVD player with HDMI out. Or a BD player too for that matter.
    Is it... stupid (for lack of a better term) to upscale through my Framemeister and capture the footage in real time on a PC?
    Is there an easier method? Maybe a software solution that can upscale at least DVD nicely?
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  2. You have nothing to lose trying the framemeister first.

    A lot of software is out there to upscale, results are always mixed and heavily dependent on the quality of the source video. Garbage in > Garbage out.

    Handbrake is free and will do an upscale:

    Step 1: Run Handbrake and go to the Open Source button to import the video file you want to upscale. If you do not have the video upscaling software, download it from the official website for free.

    Step 2: Once the video is added, the Presets values will be available. They are a basic set of the output video properties. You can select a presets on the right side based on the desired output format and quality.

    Step 3: Next, go to the Video tab to display all custom options. Then move the slider of the Quality to the right side to increase the video resolution. The value of RF for 720p is 19-23, 1080p is 20-24, and 4K is 22-28.

    Step 4: After video upscaling, you can use the Preview feature in Handbrake to view the effect. Click the Preview menu on top ribbon, and hit Play on the pop-up window.

    Step 5: If you are satisfied with the result, click the Start button to export the upscaled video.

    Note: Handbrake can only process a one video per time. If you want to upscale more videos, you can add the video to queue.
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  3. From what I've seen the framemeister will suck with video. It's the equivalent of a nearest neighbor (aka "point") upscale. You can easily do that with software but why would you? It works well for crude game console output but is not appropriate for real world video. Pretty much all video editors have the ability to increase frame size via different algorithms, delivering different quality. The better ones use neural networks: Topaz Video Enhance AI, AviSynth's nnedi3(), etc.

    By the way, Handbrake does not upscale. There were some workarounds for it long ago, but not any more. sum_guy may be thinking of VidCoder -- an alternate UI for Handbrake's encoding engine.
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    Usually hardware upscalers are not recommended, Capture SD interlaced, save these master files, de-interlace with QTGMC, clean the video frame edges and upscale to 1920x1440, Though this is only recommended for file sharing, the interlaced SD master files should be kept as archives.
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