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  1. Hi to all,

    my Samsung phone recorded an hour-long audio in 3ga format. When I pressed Stop button, the recording app just crashed. When I try to listen to the file, VLC player first struggles to read it, then just shows black void. Meanwhile the file is large, of around 37 Mb.

    I tested several online services and a couple of desktop apps to fix the file, but it did not work. It seems that 3ga format is not well taken in charge by common repair algorythms.

    A couple of years ago I saw here in the forum a discussion around the same issue, and an experimented member offered his help in its solving. I do not manage to find back that thread. But maybe a stable solution have been found since then? I presume that the issue is pretty widespread and many users faced it and maybe got assisted.

    I am really frustrated by the impossibility to playback this record and would appreciate your help.
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  2. First, save the original 3ga file and work with copies only.
    Rename such a copy with mp3 Extention.
    Maybe you can play it then.
    Otherwise create a new short audio file 3ga with your Samsung phone and compare the start sectors of the new file with a copy of the original 3ga file in a hex editor.
    If they are completely different, copy the first 8 bytes (0-7) of the new file to start sector 0 of the original file and save that.
    Check if you can play it then.
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    Perhaps the untrunc program
    You have to feed it the bad file and a good one recorded from the same device
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  4. Thank you so much for your input! I'll try both options and will write back here of the result.
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  5. Wow, the untrunc worked as a charm! So, I did not have to try manual changes in the audio file.

    Thank you, davexnet, for the solution. That might be a great help for everyone facing the same issue.
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