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  1. Hi guys,

    Until this past week, i had been able to download from All4/Channel 4 encrypted streams without issues using N_M3U8-DL without issue.

    Now when I try and run it It says "Invalid URI", even with an MPD link that worked fine in the past. I am able to play the videos fine on the original pages.

    Testing using ffmpeg with the same MPD link errors with "Server returned 400 Bad Request"

    Links in question:
    Original page:
    MPD URL:

    ffmpeg Commands tried:
    ffmpeg -i -map 0 -c copy output.mkv

    Any ideas what they might have changed?
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  2. access?
    discord notaghost#9997
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  3. Originally Posted by notaghost View Post
    Hi, sorry haven't posted here before.

    I can access the video from the original site fine. I am in the UK, in case that makes a difference.

    Unless access is a tool?
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  4. it says "Sign in or Register to Watch"

    Edit: okay free registration. try using ""
    nm3u8cli ""
    Last edited by notaghost; 8th Feb 2021 at 13:03.
    discord notaghost#9997
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  5. Thanks for this, though i got the same "Invalid URI" with that.
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  6. Originally Posted by HurMummer View Post
    Any ideas what they might have changed?
    They weren't previously checking the manifest url's query string parameters (everything after "stream.mpd?", for example).

    Now they are.

    If valid query string parameters are included with the manifest url, the manifest url should download. Assuming of course that the program to which you specify the manifest url (with the parameters) does in fact use those parameters. Note that the parameters may be time limited, or tied to a specific ip.

    Note also that valid query string parameters are needed only for the manifest url. They aren't required for the dash fragments.
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  7. Thanks @notaghost and @blimey

    I have been able to successfully pull a file with ffmpeg when including the parameters, but don't know how to decrypt from the resulting mkv file. Using mp4decrypt and output a playable file N_M3U8 ouputted seperate MP4 and AAC files that i would then decrypt and MKVToolnix. Any tips?

    ffmpeg -i " pe%3D%3D%22video%22%26%26%28%28DisplayHeight%3E%3D 288%29%26%26%28systemBitrate%3C4800000%29%29%29%7C %7Ctype%21%3D%22video%22&ts=1612813446&e=600&st=Mt 9OAS34LxsST3Xng6trXeKC1sMwAtvO5I0hQyY4ud8" -map 0 -c copy output.mkv
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  8. sorry to bump, any ideas on the above?
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