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    I'm used to replacing audio tracks on Blu-ray discs, by using MultiAVCHD and editing the resulting structure with BDEdit. For your information, I do it with blu-ray discs I buy from foreign countries (blu-rays not released in my country) and adding the audio form the DVD I also own.

    Now I'm facing exactly the same challenge with UHD discs, as they include Latin American Spanish, but not Spain' Spanish (mostly with Disney releases). It's just replacing the audio with the new one, maintaining all the menus intact, for me to burn it on a UHD disc. Any hint on this? I'm not interested in muxing a mp4 or mkv instead, as I like having them on a physical disc with its cover and packaging.

    Best regards and thanks in advance!
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    I don't rip my UHD Blu-ray discs but I know that ripping a UHD Blu-ray disc is more complicated than ripping a Blu-ray disc. While there are 3 choices available for ripping software, you will need a "UHD friendly" Blu-ray drive or one UHD Blu-ray drive model from LG (with specific firmware installed in these drives) to use with the ripping software. Also, not all hardware UHD Blu-ray players can read BDXL burned media. Those that can read it can only read 2 out of 3 layers, about 66 GB.

    As far as I know, DVDLogic BD Wizard (not free) is the only consumer UHD Blu-ray authoring software that is able to create menus. I don't know if BDEdit can still be used to edit the resulting UHD Blu-ray structure, although it is supposed to be the same as Blu-ray's structure.
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