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  1. i just need help, what is the effect on his hat in the beginning? i would like to fix this. Also the framerate might not be correct i tried dumping frames to 25fps but that didn't work.
    here is also the main music video i ripped it from on youtube ""
    i know the upscale seems like garbage, but its all i can* kinda do. the video is mostly just, blurry and i'm surprised topaz got THIS far.
    Video is clipped for obvious reasons. The video is encoded in HEVC using Wondershare Filmora X if you are having trouble at all, then you might need the video extension via windows store :/

    *oof i misspelled the thread lmao*
    *help with compressed quality upscaling*
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  2. Man... couldn't be more compressed than this imo, no details at all
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  3. Originally Posted by themaster1 View Post
    Man... couldn't be more compressed than this imo, no details at all
    i think my upscale is as good as this'll ever get lmao. although we kinda need an ACTUAL remaster of this if it exists cause omfg lmao.
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  4. *gig* first clip where MediaInfo reports a PAR of 0.0000
    users currently on my ignore list: deadrats, Stears555
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  5. tf is a par, lol.
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  6. Originally Posted by Xyena View Post
    tf is a par, lol.
    PAR means PixelAspectRatio

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