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    I have downloaded Ocean's 11 SVCD (the version) from FASTempire. I have extracted the rar files, which resulted in a bin and cue file. Then I used CDRwin to burn the bin and cue files.

    I then tried to play the cd's in my CD-rom with PowerDVD, but I get this error: 89030000 - Unknown file format. Then I tried to open the cd's in explorer to see, what the two cd's contain, but my computer doesn't recognize that there is a cd in the cd-rom.

    I have tried the cd's on two other computers, but it's the same result except that they don't even get the error in PowerDVD. Two of my friends have the same problem with their version of Ocean's 11, which they have burned on their own computers.

    So my question is, what can I do to watch these SVCD's on my computer, shall I download a mpeg2 codecs?

    I have no problems, when I extract the mpeg file with Isobuster.

    I hope someone can help.


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    Buy the DVD or Blu-Ray.

    "Forum Rules

    Warez rules

    What is warez? Obtained movies/tv-series/tv-shows/software either through download, torrent, etc that breaks the copyright.

    Do NOT talk about warez releases
    Like filenames Movie.2012.DVDSCR.X264.AAC.P2P.mkv. Please don't download warez movie/tv releases."

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    iosman-Please do not ask for help on illegally downloaded videos,this is against forum rules,this thread is closed.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

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