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  1. Hey there,

    currently im conversing a bluray to x265 or x264 files. The bluray consists of several clips, one of them shows extreme ghosting, the other are fine.
    I tried to fix it using several filters with Staxrip or Avidemux but I just cant get it right. The bluray is interlaced, but i think the problem already exists before even interlacing it. Using different filters with different settings for that (QTGMC, Yadif, ...) the problem seems to get worse or slightly better, but i just can't get rid of it. I also played arround with denoising, but this also doesn't seem to help.

    This is what it looks like:
    [Attachment 57153 - Click to enlarge]

    Do you have any idea, how to deal with this? I uploaded a short clip of it (untouched remux of the bluray) here:

    Thanks for your help or thoughts on this
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  2. Hmmm nobody has any hint for me? Maybe a mod could move this topic to "Restoration"?
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    Was this clip native from the source of dit you converted it allready? Is the source also 50p or maybe 23,976fps(i/p) or 29,97 fps(i/p)
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  4. Hey, i know its hard to believe, but the clip is native, the source is 50fps(i)
    Its a german bluray, but originally the show is english. Whats strange, some episodes are completely fine, two got thats problem extreme, and one slightly.

    [Attachment 57227 - Click to enlarge]
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  5. I believe the video that was used to make the BD was not 25i so it had to be frame rate converted (most likely 30i to 25i) for the BD. Unfortunately, that produced all those blending artifacts. I don't think you'll be able to eliminate them.
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