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  1. I've been owning an Xbox One for a year now that I hoped would replace my old ps3 as a media center... unfortunately he does not read all my DVDs and blurays made by me of holidays and videos ...someone can tell me what software to use to make DVDs and BDs that can be read by the damn Xbox one..i tried some free software or trial but without success
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    I don't have a game system. I play my DVDs and Blue-ray discs on my PC, or use a DVD player (for DVDs) or a Blu-ray player.

    However, if you are looking for free DVD authoring software and have not tried AVStoDVD or DVDStyler, they are frequently recommended by members here. I often use AVStoDVD, which can create DVDs with a simple menu or no menu. DVDStyler can create DVDs with more complex menus but it frequently crashed if I made a mistake.

    I have only tried PowerDirector for Blu-ray authoring software. It was relatively easy to use but I decided it would be easier to use ImgBurn to burn my files on Blu-ray as data files that are compatible with the Blu-ray player I use.

    [Edit]One more thing... When I author DVD and Blu-ray I either export the output as an ISO or as files and folders and use ImgBurn to burn to DVD or Blu-ray media. ImgBurn recognizes authored files and burns them per the spec for those disc formats rather than as data. Authored DVD or authored Blu-ray may not be recognized as such by some players when burned as data.
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