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  1. I don know how, but since a couple of days this Camcorder is out of Focus. Screen is blurred while recording and playback. Playback of older tapes is fine. So there is something wrong with the position of the lens, I guess. Any suggestions what I might try...
    Thanks, Ron
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    I know this may be a dumb question but are you in manual focus?
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  3. There ain't no dumb questions, I think
    But: it's in autofocus.
    When this occurred, I heard some clicking noises of (I guess) the focus-motor .
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  4. Is the lens dirty?
    Did you try switching from auto to manual?
    Did you try focussing on objects at different depths in a well lit situation?

    If none of that works, your auto focus may just be broken. That's a 19 year old camera and it may be time to send it on its journey.
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  5. I have a slightly different variation on the same question: have you tried to manual focus and see if you can get the camera to focus? This will help you narrow down the problem. If you can focus manually, then your optics have not gotten misaligned from a physical shock or other issue, and your sensor has not come loose.

    Also, if you point your camera at the horizon (infinity) and then put your hand in front of the lens, can you hear the auto-focus motor? Once again, this will help narrow down the problem.

    If you can get it to focus manually, the camera can still be extremely useful. I started taking pictures in the 1950s, and for the first forty years of my photography, movie, and video experience, I had to focus manually. It works quite well.
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