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  1. About this drive , I have the BWU-500S, serial # 1007338L411. Though itís 10 year old itís gotten very little use, so how likely that any optical or electromechanical parts would be defective with such infrequent use? I have it installed in an ancient Dell Dimension 8300, Windows XP Pro SP2. The pc runs fine and I use it as part of my redundant file backup system. Of course, I keep this old desktop off the internet and its hardwareís too old to play BD movies, but I never had a problem playing DVD movies, though I seldom even do that. But I now need the BWU-500S for ripping CD tracks.

    I think the drive may have stopped working when I tried and failed to uninstall an old version of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 some weeks ago via Control Panel. Ever since when Win XP loads thereís a Nuance message, Dragon tries to install and then prompts me to install the CD. I finally persuaded Nuance Support to create an .exe file which did successfully installed Dragon. But after Shutdown and reloading Win XP the BWU-500S still wonít read any DVDs or CDs.

    I checked connections of the BWU-500Sís power and data cables and Windows Device Manager says the drive is enabled and is operating normally. But every time I inserted a disc I hear something but not the motor spinning up to read the disc. And in Windows Explorer when I click on the drive it says ďplease insert a discĒ, with the disc already loaded. Is a corrupt driver file most likely the problem?

    As you probably know Sony sold its Optiarc division . But I donít see any indication that Vinpower Digital supports the BWU-500S or BD5300S.✓&category=8911&keyword=Sony+bwu-500s

    A purple colored Sony Software Disc Rev. 9.30W DVD came with the BWU-500S. Assuming the device driver might be on it, I inserted that DVD just before Windows loaded, hoping the drive would read a driver or some .exe file. But it did nothing.

    Assuming the BWU-500S drive didnít have a physically destructive hardware failure, I then thought of going into Control Panel > Add Hardware and trying to get Win XP to recognize the BWU-500S as new hardware. But I havenít done this yet. Should I try this? But if it asks me to load the driver what should I do if donít have the driver to load from a USB flash drive? Or is the driver thatís already loaded probably not corrupted and should I just proceed with the rest of the Control Panel New Hardware install steps?

    Or should I try something else?
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    first try via the control panel to uninstall the drive, restart your computer
    and let windows reinstall the drive then try reading a disc.
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  3. Originally Posted by october262 View Post
    first try via the control panel to uninstall the drive, restart your computer
    and let windows reinstall the drive then try reading a disc.
    I tried doing so but problem still remains.

    If you have ever known users who had luck fixing a problem like this by using a particular cleaner disc please suggest one or more makes or models. Otherwise, it's time to buy another drive.
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