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    I am new to this method of work. and its alittle confusing to me.. I do know some coding so its not that bad. but need help with some stuff.

    when i try to open script in virtiualDUb2
    Im getting the error :

    Avisynth Open Failure:
    AVIFileSource: Couldn't open file ""
    (D:\AVISynth Scripts\2, autolevels andHDR x64, avs, line 3) //here i am using VD2 x64 also file is quicktime .mov prores 422.

    this might be becuase of codecs but i have no idea how to fix that or where to download codecs from specifically proress 422
    also this command is AviSource("LOCATION")

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  2. AVISource is for AVI , not MOV

    You can use LSMash for Prores

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