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  1. I see lots of folks on here recommending VirtualDub2. Meanwhile, lordsmurf and a few others seem convinced that 1.9 is the way to go. What are everyones thoughts? If I try VDub2, what kind of capturing issues should I look out for?
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    2 is not newer, but different, often in a bad way. Most damning is that it causes dropped frames at record start.

    Only use it if the capture card refuses to work correctly with VirtualDub. And I mean extensive trial of settings, not just wussing out after 2 minutes like a child, pouting after default settings aren't correct. Most cards work best in 1.9.x, few in 1.10.x and FM, and very few in 2. Again, in fact, some (many?) that are fine in 1.9.x work badly in 2.
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  3. Not newer? I thought it was based on VDub 1.10? And hasn't it been actively developed recently vs VDub 1.9 being from 2013 or whatever?

    Anyways I'm not looking to use something worse just because it's newer. I did go the Win7/ATI 600USB route based on your recommendations. Just want to make sure I'm not using old for the sake of old and making my life harder in the process.
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