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  1. I have been using a version from 2013 for years now, and it has always worked fine for me. Is there any real benefit to updating it to a more modern 2020+ version? Has it been improved much or enough to be worth bothering to do?

    I'm usually more of a "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" kind of person. Will the quality of my encoded video come out a noticeable amount better by updating just that x264 encoder?
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  2. Is that hard to do own tests instead of waiting for reply on some forum?
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  3. OP is encouraged to do his own test and if conclusive provide the result to the forum.
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    I doubt you'll see any improvement in quality, might be worth it for speed. Most changes since then are for improvements in speed, minor bug fixes, support for new instructions , and dropping older architectures.
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