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  1. What does it takes to change a hard drive in those boxes? I have a old Samsung dtb-p770v with íde hard drive. Can i download the program or format on the web and transfer to the hard drive? I guess you need a special remote to?
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    once you put the new HDD into the recorder & power it on
    it should automatically format the drive & get it set up.
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    Just understand: Very likely, however, you may have orphaned any existing data on the old drive.

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  4. How big hard drive on íde can my Samsung handle? The standard is 80gb
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  5. The only info I can find on the Samsung DTB-P770V is in German or Spanish: where are you located? Is your recorder designed for North American feeds or the EU satellite system? It doesn't seem to have anything posted about it in English language, which makes it difficult for most of us on VH to troubleshoot.

    But generally speaking, similar units typically use encryption on their HDD as october262 mentioned. You can replace the hard drive with a new HDD as a simple repair option, but the old drive will probably not be readable by any other device or PC (and removing it from your Samsung may void playback of everything on it even if you put it back in the same DVR). With no English documentation available, hard drive capacity can only be guessed at. These DVRs normally just auto-format new HDDs with no user configurable settings: depending on firmware design, your Samsung will either recognize and use the full capacity of any HDD you install, or it will only recognize/format whatever capacity it is hard-wired to use (if you install a 500GB HDD it may only use 80Gb or 160Gb).
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