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  1. I am looking for an alternative to both Premiere pro and Media encoder. I love the ability to quickly edit videos in premiere then send them all to media encoder. Usually I will edit 20+ videos then send them all out to encoder to export one after the other. Any other programs like this? Windows or Linux (Debian based is preferable) is fine.

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    If you like it, why are you looking for an alternative?
    That sounds like saying, "I love my wife so I'm going to divorce her."
    What else aren't you telling us?

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  3. Do not like paying subscription fees.

    Edit: but honestly I use this software for business, therefore, if my business cannot afford it then I should not be in business.
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  4. In Linux you can pipe them to the encoder or if you want a combined edit and encode solution, I use Flowblade which has an 'add to queue' option to save edit lists and batch encode the output files. I often spend the day editing lots of productions then leave them overnight to encode so they are all ready by the following morning. It uses MLT and ffmpeg so it will handle almost any format you throw at it.

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