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  1. Hallo! If this question has been answered already I couldn't find anything like it. So here it is.

    I'm not even sure this is generally possible; I'm not that up on video stuff. I have a folder called Anime. Inside that, I have a folder for each series of anime (and sometimes inside that if there are more than one season). The video files are in the last folder. Like so: E:\Videos\Anime\And Yet The Town Moves\.

    What I'd like to do is add the Anime folder to a playlist, but keep the folder structure so I don't have a billion and two files in a long, long list. Is there a way to do that? Should I even do that? Is there a better way to do something like that?

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  2. A playlist typically implies a list of files.

    Playing a folder/subfolders (ex: mpv) makes sense, but it really means adding filepaths to a playlist.
    In mpc-hc when you open any file, Next would open the next filename in the folder.
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  3. Okay, thank you. I was thinking that would be the case.
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