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  1. Hi. The video I'm working on includes two people facing the camera. I want to end my edit with a still of the person on the left. I can easily crop out the second person but I want the still to be centred. I thought this might work but it doesn't:

    .Crop(0, 0, -370, -0, true).AddBorders(185, 0, 185, 0, $000000)
    Can anyone suggest a script for me? Many thanks.
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  2. It would be helpful if you indicated the error message you got. You probably have YV12 or YUY2 video -- which requires mod2 trims/addborders.

    .Crop(0, 0, -370, -0, true).AddBorders(184, 0, 186, 0, $000000)
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  3. Kicking myself... Many thanks, yet again, jagabo.
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