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    I have the above referenced Sony combo DVD/VCR

    It was working fine over a 2 day period.
    I inserted an old VHS tape ( 20/25 years old)
    The tape would not play/ would not eject and unit powered off.
    Whenever I would turn the unit on. The display screen would show Line 1, some dotted lines then Power off.
    I opened unit up and was able to manually eject tape.
    I tries unit again with tape that previously played - same reaction as above

    I did notice that on the side of the "cage" that holds the tape there is a small motor which turns a 1 inch "screw"
    the 1" screw turns a white cog that engages a larger black cog which appears to have something to do with accepting and ejecting the tapes
    the white cog appears to have "shear" connectors that have broken off - so the white cog no longer turns the larger black cog
    see image attached.

    Can i still get this VCR repaired?
    Would anyone know a repair source in the tristate NYC area: New York/New Jersey /Connecticut?

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
    Tom Sheridan Image
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