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    I just bought a used but tested and working Big Voodoo TBC, but it's coming from Australia, and they do not have a power adaptor with it. So my question for anyone who owns one, I am trying to find out what the specs on a power supply for this are? I can see on the back that it's 5VDC, but the power supplies I have seen online vary on the amps, I've seen 2A and 3A, but I don't want to get the wrong type and damage the unit.

    The purpose after reading a lot of posts here is to dub over older vhs tapes to digital, I have a JVC HR-S9911U SUPER VHS S-VHS w internal TBC, but I've read the external TBC will stabilize other factors in the video so I decided to get the Big Voodoo TBC,and the roxio video capture analog to usb w svhs input. alas with no power supply for the TBC.

    Any and all support on this is appreciated!

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