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  1. That time of year again when I find myself editing sales kick off montages for corporate clients.

    Wondering what people's go to track are for that big epic pop-song vibe? I'd like to start building up a bit more of a repertoire but I don't listen to enough pop music so I'm often scratching my head.

    Things along the lines of (cliché time!)
    - Alesso Heroes
    - Greatest Showman
    - Avicii Levels
    - Take That Rule the World (sounds dated these days)
    - Pretty much anything Coldplay
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  2. I have used music from this site:
    Eric, the owner of that site is a regular visitor to videohelp and produces all kinds of good free music for your video projects.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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  3. Super, thank you.

    Worth montioning that I'm not just limiting this to free/royalty free music. I'm after money is no object reconditions too
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