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    I assume you have a user manual for the camera but just in case......

    There is not much info there about PC transfer. It is not clear if you also have to use the switch settings on Page 34 - Video Dubbing.

    Page 40 is the relevant one and the following caught my eye....

    The system may not work properly depending on the PC
    or capture board you are using.
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  2. I looked at the user manual for your JVC camcorder and the instructions for playing or recording video via the 1394 connector begins on page 34. It appears that the unit switches between "video in" and "video out" simply based on whether you press the play or record buttons on the camcorder. This makes sense, but it also means that because there is no menu setting, you might not be able to get the camera into either the play or record state via the 1394 (i.e., you can't change anything from the computer). Thus, you will need to press the play button on the camera and then click on the "capture" button in Scenalyzer (or other app).
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  3. Thanks DB83 and johnmeyer.
    Have tried your suggestions and get the same results.
    Looks like im heading down the path of paying someone to do the transfers for me☹
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