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    Hello, complete newbie here, hopefully this is under the right topic. I'm editing a video in Windows Movie Maker (don't laugh) and for some strange reason the video I'm importing (720x480 4:3 MKV file) gets squashed down to a much tighter and uglier aspect ratio. When I play that video in VLC it appears as it should, in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, but when I play it in Windows 10 video player (Films & TV) or import it into WMM, it appears squashed even though I didn't change anything. Any idea why this is happening? Is there anything I can do to stop it? I've used other 4:3 MKV files in this Movie Maker project and they appear fine. I also know it's not a issue with my render settings as I can see it's messed up in the preview before I even render. I've attached before/after images (at least I think I have). Please enlighten me!!
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  2. Likely your file has a container DAR setting which some players/editors do not take into account (look for Display Aspect Ratio value with Mediainfo).

    Resize the video to the correct resolution in your video editor if required.
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  3. I ended up using Handbrake to convert the file to m4v, which did the trick for Movie Maker! Before that I'd tried updating the codecs with K-Lite but it only fixed the aspect ratio for Films & TV.
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