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  1. When I try to launch Xvid4PSP I get a message that if I don't want to be bothered with constant daily build, I can "Donate" to get PRO status. I wouldn't mind (it's only $20 and I use it a lot), but the mechanism does not work, it's supposed to send me a PayPal invoice and never does. I've tried with VISA and it fails. The program will not let me proceed -- it automatically updates to the current build then refuses to launch without the "donation".

    I'm posting it here because I cannot for the life of me find where to post a comment or request of any type on the site. Does anyone use Xvid4PSP and can help?
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  3. Well, none of that helped me except it had a Comments window to contact them, so maybe I'll get a reply that will solve both problems. Thanks for the link!
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  4. I finally received the PayPal invoice and was able to get past the "blocking" message. I also found how to post a comment. There was a hyperlink that was "hiding" (the same style and color as regular text). Why they would do that is beyond me. Thanks for the help!
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