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  1. I am trying to make multiple copies of a DVD after converting a movie from MP4 format to a DVD player format in DVD Flick.
    There is a brief explanation of how to do this at the end of the basic DVD Flick info. But I cannot get that to work. It does
    not seem to address all of the different steps and check boxes and so on.
    Are there complete step-by-steps instructions anywhere?
    I made a first disk and DVD Flick created a folder named dvd. You are supposed to be able to use imgburn to open the
    AUDIO_TS folder inside the dvd folder and automatically burn a dvd from that. I cannot get this to work.
    All help greatly appreciated.

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    Open Imgburn
    mode/EZ mode picker
    write files/folders to disk

    drag the VIDEO_TS folder to the window.
    If Imgburn offers to adjust something for you, allow it to do so
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