Hi, I have a question about Blu-ray ripping, and extracting audio. I was able to navigate to the audio extraction section of my ripper, chose .wav, and successfully extract the audio. The problem with this Blu-ray disc is basically the same as I had with a DVD, not that long ago. In that nightmare, if you read the back of the case, it said that it had dubbed English audio, and was originally filmed in France. When you started the disc, and went to the "setup" menu, the language choices were "Original dolby 5.1" and "French." So this is really a choice between French and French, even though the artwork said you could have English. So thinking that there must be audio English embedded in the VOBs, I tried the obvious method to extract. I then discovered that the VOB parameters were so screwed up, that no editor could handle the VOBs in their damaged state. After a whole lot of work, which I won't get into, the VOBs were fixed, but the audio remained goofy. In that case, you would have French for 3 or 4 minutes, then it would switch to English. 3 or 4 minutes later it would switch back to French again, and keep this cycle up. It was so annoying to watch, I can't tell you how many switches there were, because I couldn't make it to the end. In the Blu-ray situation, these are different movies, but the same Canadian media company released them both. After extracting the supposed English, I have the exact same nonsense with this Blu-ray English audio. And the menu "setup" gives the same choices as the DVD did, which is really no choice at all. I'm convinced that this has to be a case of horrible authoring, and not a case of damaged files / media. On the DVD, there were other evidences that the production people just didn't have a clue. And if they really cared at all, they would have gotten some help. So the big question here is, am I stuck, or does anyone have any suggestion how I may end up with a continuous English audio stream. If I had the whole English only audio, from start to finish, I could handle the rest, with good results.