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  1. Mistakenly bought a French film BD with no English subs, and I wanted to rip the film, add a sub track, and burn back to BD-R. So, the process: 1) ripped BDMV folder structure with MakeMKV, 2) re-encoded feature film in Handbrake, burning in .srt sub track, 3) muxed resulting file to new BDMV folder structure with TSmuxeR, 4) took main film's m2ts, mpls, and clpi files from the new BDMV folder and replaced the corresponding m2ts, mpls, and clpi files in the original ripped BDMV folder (renaming the new ones to match the old ones, of course), and 5) burned the "revised" ripped BDMV folder back to BD-R with IMGBURN. The resultant blu-ray loads in my Panny BD player and plays all the m2ts files leading up to the menu (copyright warning, BD manufacturer logo, etc), but for whatever reason, the menu doesn't chain-load the feature film when I press play. Am guessing I broke a path in the original structure, and what I want to know is how/if I can tweak the originally ripped BDMV folder structure to accept my modified main film's new stream, playlist, and clip info files. Thoughts?

    Wanting to preserve original menu and all lead-ins/logos if possible. Yes, I know that I can eliminate Step 4 above and just burn my new TSmuxeR BDMV folder to disk and be done with it, giving me a simple BD-R that just plays the film, but I'm just interested in seeing if I can do this, as I have a BD burner, a cake-spindle full of blank BD-Rs, and lots of time. More of a hobby than a necessity, as I've already converted the film to digital w/subs for playback on USB. Just wanting to learn more about BDMV folders and how they work. Thanks.
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  2. a follow-up. If one uses the "Create BD Folder" option in TSmuxeR, is the resultant file ready for burning in ImgBurn using the "Create BD from Folder" option? Just wondering because the BDMV folder structure that TSmuxeR creates contains no ACCS folder, nor does its new CERTIFICATE folder contain any info. Guess I'm asking if one even needs an ACCS and/or CERTIFICATE folder at all if the goal is simply burning a copy of the film to BD-R for playback on a stand-alone player.
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